Critical Path Digital Interchange Festival 2019-20
Digital Discussion: Responding to Miguel Gutierrez’s Article, ‘Does Abstraction Belong to White People?’

New York City based choreographer Miguel Gutierrez wrote an article for BOMB about his artistic relationship to abstraction and the conflicts he has in regards to the cultural ownership of abstraction and postmodern dance inside a predominantly white society. In December 2019, Critical Path responded with a digital meet-up led by Charemaine Seet  provoked by Gutierrez’s article and Anh Vo’s interview with choreographer Juliana F. May. A group of dance and conceptual artists from Australia, China, Singapore and Taiwan, linked by their immersion in postmodern dance and conceptual/abstract art, begin their own conversation…

At Digital Interchange Festival, Critical Path
Facilitator – Charemaine Seet
Artists – Ting-Ting Cheng, Lu Shirley Dai, Anna Kuroda, Bernice Lee, Faye Lim, Justine Shih Pearson