Photo by Kuang Jingkai
Subtle Downtempo No, a collaboration between Murasaki Penguin (Australia/Japan) and RAW Moves (Singapore) – Photo by Kuang Jingkai
Motion Theory 2 collaboration with Kian Peng Ong – Photo by David Kirkpatrick
Motion Theory collaboration with Kian Peng Ong – Photo by Singapore Tourism Board
Sit – Photo by Ben Williams
Window – Photo by bozzo
Shima for Wellington – Photo by Jeff McEwan, Capture Studios
Citylights~街の灯 – Photo by Howard Matthew
Shima – Photo by Catherine McElhone

Murasaki Penguin is an interdisciplinary collaboration between dancer/choreographer Anna Kuroda and sound/multimedia artist David Kirkpatrick.  Their work crosses cultures and the boundaries of dance, sound, video, electronics and large scale installation – with a focus on interactivity and live performance. Please see further information at