Kanji is a series of characters forming the language of Japan, the country where I grew up. I didn’t know kanji is everywhere in Australia, on someone’s arm as a tattoo, someone’s T-shirt, shop windows and little packages of snacks. Most of them are not
sensible which is very interesting to me. I would like to know the reason why they chose that specific character. It could be the shape and design but what about it. I was
inspired seeing people use the beauty of the character’s presence without knowing their meaning. I will create a new work flowing from Kanji calligraphy’s basic rhythms of brush
motion, ‘flow’, ‘stop’, ‘hook’ and ‘fade’. I will also work with stroke path, shade, meaning and feeling, creating an unexpected variety of movement and rhythm.

5 April 2016
Happy Hour 1
ReadyMade Works, Sydney
Concept, Choreography and Dance – Anna Kuroda
Curator – Diane Busuttil
Videographer – Benjamin Nunney