turn by Anna Kuroda
touch by Anna Kuroda

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Studios Switch Curator Adam Porter
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s Switch Gallery converted into several studio spaces to accommodating six artists. The nine-week tenure will include intense research and artistic creation. Studios Switch will also provide members of the public access to artists; revealing the countless ways in which creatives work and to provide artists with direct access to Liverpool’s communities.

30 April – 3 July 2016
At Switch Gallery, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
Artists – Ace the Amara, David Capra, Matt Chun, Caroline Garcia, Anna Kuroda and Claudia Nicholson

Studio wall Photo by Glen Locklee

During Studios Switch I have been developing my Kanji idea physically and visually. I learned the speed of charcoal ink soaking into paper is such a quick motion, like a synapse reacting in our body. The process of creating choreography can proceed on paper through black ink, fiber of paper and brush moves. Japanese calligraphy is living in my long term memory. It was natural to discover rhythms in characters and use them to add another dimension to body movement, although what I was most inspired by was hearing impressions and comments from visitors who did calligraphy with me at Studios Switch.